Analytics Improvement of Material Properties
AphroDiamante GmbH

Based on the results of internal scientific projects developed and executed in our company - we are presently in a position to enhance the color of almost any brown & yellowish (cape) diamond to produce vibrant saturated colors in the range: golden (vivid yellow), orange, lemon (greenish-yellow), intense yellow. Definitely we can achieve colorless or light rose color should the diamond be of needed type IIa or IaB.

Aphrodiamante General Diamond color change concept comprises:

  1. Lightening through Decoloration
    Brown Nearcolorless (G-J) - Colorless (D-F) / Rose to Purplish
  2. Fancy Color production
    Brown Golden (vivid yellow), Orange, Lemon (greenish-yellow), Intense yellow.
    Cape Golden (vivid yellow), Intense yellow.

Important that according to private selection criteria the diamonds with strong yellow to green-yellow fluorescence can be produced.

We are constantly open to interested parties (research institutions, HPHT production facilities, gem laboratories, private investors etc) in the field of diamond color changing technology.

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